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​ Employer Led Apprenticeships: Valuable for both Employee and Business Growth

In September 2021, the new Swindon and Wiltshire Institute of Technology (IoT) was launched to provide an employer-led curriculum that addresses the key needs and skills gaps of regional employers.

From the beginning, a range of high-level skills in industries such as Engineering, Healthcare, Digital and Creative Media were identified as priorities for the IoT. Despite industry-wide efforts to reduce the gap, there still remains huge demand for skilled experts in these areas.

Apprenticeships offer cost effective training with the flexibility to meet the individual needs of employers. Plus, SMEs get 95% of their apprentice’s training costs paid for by the government.

According to Government figures; 86% of employees in architecture, engineering and building industries, 80% of employees in manufacturing and utilities, 86% of employees in IT and telecoms, and 81% of employees in healthcare stated they want to upskill this year. However, they felt they lacked the time, confidence, or simply didn’t know where to start.

At the same time, businesses across the country are still dealing with the economic fallout of the pandemic, leaving them with depleted funds preventing them from making the necessary investment in recruitment and development.

Interim Managing Director of the Swindon & Wiltshire Institute Of Technology, Neil Brayshaw said,

“The pandemic has had a huge impact on their ability to build and maintain a sustainable workforce. We are seeing an increasing number businesses turn to apprenticeships to help address these skills gaps and to build back stronger. With substantial funding from the government, apprenticeships provide a cost effective solution, whether looking to bring in new talent or to reward and upskill existing staff.”

Apprenticeships can help businesses grow by up skilling their employees, driving better results and helping to retain their workforce. Training and employment schemes can help fill skills gaps by developing the skills that a business needs to succeed especially in STEM and ‘Green’ areas that will future proof a business for the coming years.

Employer led courses, however, are not just a means for filling vacancies. They are proven method for investing in the development of individuals who can make an impact now and in the long term. Most importantly, it not only allows employers to address their immediate skills gaps, but to also gain an engaged member of staff who feels valued, working for an employer that is investing and supporting their career. It also provides an opportunity for employees to get a jump on the competition by gaining skills and qualifications whilst building up experience on the job and earning a wage.

Apprenticeships are available to start throughout the year and you can apply for the latest vacancies via the New College website, visit www.newcollege.ac.uk/apprenticeships/current-vacancies.

For individuals or employers interested in finding out more they can email apprenticeships@newcollege.ac.uk.

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